The Pandemic Circle

I present on this site only a small part of the whole production.

People often assume that strong colours represent happiness at all times, however you can use colours to fight because you can exactly calculate their amount and contrast to cause a very strong vibration (subatomic vibration) to fight anything, including a virus, an enemy who is invisible but who lives inside our body.

Through the calculated use of colours and the use of geometry in the drawing, I decided to fight the virus that was hidden. To discover it and reveal its hiding place, thus bringing it to the light of the full spectrum.

This type of painting is about using thinking skills using science and art combined to unleash a battle against the evil that lurks inside and outside of us.

Everyone can fight in his own way, I am fighting with the Colour, a conscious and thoughtful creation.

It is an action calculated by Homo sapiens.

This cycle also describes the condition we are experiencing during the pandemic, trying to convey the tension that is in the air between the lockdown and the restricted life in theirs rooms, the fence.

People who cannot safely go out, touch each other, not even objects, surfaces.

Being in common places, in an assembly,  seeing faces or bodies, shaking hands or hugging.